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Reviewed by: Alex Utada on May 1, 2010

One of the cheapest brands out there. Prosolution is a doctor recommended brand and has only NATURAL ingredients. Unfortunately no extra discounts are available, so if you would like to save some $$$ it's better to buy in bulk (price per 3-12 months pack is much lover).

    My Full Review

    “Length doesn’t matter; they’ve just hyped it up to improve sales in male enhancement pills…”

    Read my Pro Solution Review and judge if that dictum is true.

    What Is Pro Solution?

    prosolution pills reviewsPro Solution is a natural male enhancement product that is created essentially to increase penis size and gives extra energy to promote longer lasting sex. This should help you make your partner happy and satisfied. My ProSolution Review will also show you the ingredients on how this product works.

    How can it help the “Minnie willy”?

    Pro Solutions promises to give you the result within 7-14 days. I knew someone from the male enhancement forums who used this Pro Solution extra. I asked him if I can do an interview for my Pro Solution review and he obliged.

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    I am going to call him Jerry Velasquez for my Pro Solution Review (not the true name since the participant didn’t want to disclose it in public); he is just 24 years old.

    Jerry was born with a dangling dick. That fact is very hard to admit especially in this “male dominated” world (pardon my French if you are a “feminist”). Because of that Jerry developed an anxiety whenever he is with the opposite sex.

    He used Pro Solution and he said his dick increased dramatically, now he has the normal 7 inch he is two inches shorter before Pro Solution.

    He also said that his “willy” is so proud now it doesn’t bow down. When I ask him about endurance, he said calmly, “all I know is I can do it 3 to 5 rounds, I never knew what I can do before because I was avoiding embarrassment and never did it before Pro Solution.”

    For my ProSolution review I will add what the product promises to do.

    Here goes:

    • Rapid recovery time for numerous rounds,
    • Massive along with extraordinary ejaculations
    • Rock-solid firmness, throbbing blood circulation into the cock
    • Exceptional control and endurance, enhanced self esteem and love-making chemistry
    • Speedier arousal
    • And All-night sexual stamina

    prosolution pills reviews

    What are the ingredients?

    I am proud to present these natural ingredients in my Pro Solution Review: Read and learn.

    • Solidilin
      One particular element within the Solidilin substance indicates in several animal researches to enhance lovemaking enthusiasm.
    • Taj and Safflower
      Are generally vasodilators, which means they throw open the arteries to inspire much more blood flow.
    • Momordica
      Has additionally been proven to decrease body fat in so doing raising the human body’s testosterone levels.
    • Apigenin and Amla
      This kind of partnering actively works to maintain your erectile organ healthy and working properly over time.
    • Arjuna
      Is a vital element of a healthy love-making lifestyle. It is employed primarily in cardiovascular wellness.
    • Cordyceps
      This compound can easily improve testosterone output, hence aiding greatly in your advancement efforts.
    • Zinc
      Helps with semen mobility and excellence. It’s also essential in the metabolism associated with libido.
    • Reishi Mushroom
      Boosts endurance and vitality lift the feelings and improve an individual’s sense of spirit and vigor.
    • Shatavari
      Serving as a complete system tonic, Shatavari has additionally been accustomed to help guys struggling with sexual debility and erection problems.

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    My Pro Solution Review’s Advantages and Disadvantages Analysis:


    • Improve your anatomy’s organic output of nitric oxide supplement, promoting the dilation connected with bloodstream and generating tougher, quicker, lengthier hardons.
    • Loosen up the muscle which allows blood to pump in to the manhood and load the two sponge-like regions known as Corpora Cavernosa.
    • Aid in increasing your current testosterone growth
    • Significantly enhance your sexual determination, generating need and immediate wanting for sexual intercourse
    • Improve your sensations of enjoyment by using the effectiveness of L-Dopa, the normal amino acid that is used by the body for you to synthesize dopamine


    • The only disadvantage is these natural ingredients are potent enough and your body won’t need more of it. If you are taking nutritional supplements you have to check if these ingredients are present lest you have to stop taking it to avoid complications.

    Click here for Pro Solution Pills official website

    Is Pro Solution a Scam?

    Pro solution is not a Scam. They have well known laboratories and researchers. They also have enough clinical tests to call their product effective.

    My unbiased viewpoint

    For my Pro Solution Review, I would dare say that size does matter. I would agree to some sex experts that the dick is not the only basis of orgasm and satisfaction.

    However, if your partner did experienced an 8 or 10 inch monster before I guess you would agree that she will expect you can offer the same, right? We have to meet the standards, and a 4 or 5 inch limp dick is just below the standard.