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Reviewed by: Alex Utada on May 8, 2010

Good product for increasing semen volume. Unfortunately available online only. No discount codes are available. Please see video for the full review

    I’ve decided to write this Semenax review for you guys who is concern if Semenax is a SCAM.

    semenax reviewsIs it true that natural male enhancement pills don’t work? Do men seriously need it? It has been long debated if men need enhancement pills to satisfy their partner. I have a new male enhancement review, my Semenax review.

    I am hoping that my Semenax review can answer most of your questions about male enhancement pills.

    Additionally, I also want to address these questions at the end of my Semenax Review:

    • How does Semenax Work?
    • Is Semenax safe?
    • Is Semenax another kind of rip off?

    Well let’s get started.

    Are you sure that your partner is satisfied after your have intercourse?

    This is the question most men dreads to answer. We hate to admit that most of the times we are actually sure that our partner is not so satisfied. Some women won’t admit it though because they are being nice.

    But how can you really tell? My friend, Cyrus Fleur told me blatantly, “she’ll ask for more!” Cyrus Fleur is using Semenax for six months now. He said that he is satisfied with the results he is getting and the women kept coming.

    I’m not sure if this is an exaggeration from a man too proud of himself or if this is simply the manifestations coming from a man who is using an effective natural male enhancement pills. One thing is for sure though, he’s answer is true.

    Short answer but very elaborate. So, I created a Semenax Review to know more what this male enhancement pill can offer.

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    What is Semenax and how it works?

    Semenax is one of the more popular brands of natural male enhancement pills out in the market today. It is composed of natural elements believed to enhance sexual pleasure. Semenax focuses on supercharging the quantity of ejaculation.

    In my Semenax review, I interviewed a Sex guru who has been studying the role of ejaculation in relation to sexual satisfaction and this he explains:

    Male ejaculation takes place at the optimum of sexual joy, once the numerous muscle groups bond simultaneously, which includes: The pubococcygeus muscle mass, the rectal sphincter, butt, perineum, ejaculatory tubes, and muscle groups round the male organ.

    The tensing muscles would be crucial for supplying the load of seminal fluid. The initial few contractions tend to be intensive and close with each other, taking place at roughly 0.8 – second time periods. Because orgasmic pleasure carries on, the contractions decline in power and continuance as well as it happens at a smaller amount of repeated periods.

    Nevertheless, the more liquid that can be found for every ejaculation, the greater contractions it requires to blast everything and every contraction will be more powerful and much more intense.

    semenax reviews

    To make my Semenax review more complete, I have listed the ingredients below.

      The botanical herb Tribulus terrestris exhibits impressive characteristics in naturally helping the amount of luteinizing hormonal levels (LH), thus increasing the output of androgenic hormone or testosterone in the body – a level of as much as 30% is believed.
      Can enhance quantity of sperm and semen motility from 80% to 200% by way of helping testosterone synthesis.
      Features a well-deserved history of additional vim, energy, and virility. It gives you all of the biofactors that happen to be precursors for your sex hormones, and also micro-nutrients needed for wholesome reproductive systems.
      Research has shown sperm and ejaculation volume increases, sperm count improves, and semen health and activity boost through supplements.
      Brazilian plant which fortifies the sexual interest, and feeds the entire body as well as thereby improves healthy sexual functionality
      This particular Brazilian plant Muira puama, also called murapuama, is mainly noted for the effective help with impotence problems and maximizing libido and as a good aphrodisiac.
      Consists of effective herbal antioxidants and organic bioflavonoids which support the health of your entire cardiovascular system. This particular herb can in fact help control both high and low blood pressure levels, along with slowly wearing down cholesterol and fats within the body.

    These additional ingredients can considerably boost the portion of very motile semen: EPIMEDIUM SAGITTATUM “horny goat weed,” L-CARNITINE, L-LYSINE, CRANBERRY EXTRACT, PUMPKIN SEED, AVENA SATIVA EXTRACT, SARSAPARILLA, PINE BARK EXTRACT, VITAMIN E, and MACA.

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    Is Semenax a Scam?

    I have listed the potent ingredients and I have interviewed a sex therapist which give Semenax a thumb up, three words I have for you in relation to my Semenax Review<: NOT A SCAM.

    I have prepared a list of Pros and Cons in my Semenax Review


    • Blast away enormous loads of cum each and every time you climax
    • Enjoy greater, more powerful climaxes along with plentiful loads of sperm
    • End up being a lot more visually interesting to your partner
    • Benefit from the reputation of be coming “powerful” with massive ejaculations
    • 60 days money back guarantee


    • Other than the 60 day money back guarantee, the four advantages I found in the Semenax Website talks about the same thing; lots of semen = happier sex. I may say in my Semenax review that this is a disadvantage if compared to other male enhancement pills, however if the system proves to be effective then we can reconsider.

    My say in this Semenax Review

    Male enhancement pills work. Some customers, however, are not satisfied because they are expecting more from the pill. Take for example the case of Semenax; it only offers to increase sexual pleasure by adding up more semen for stronger ejaculation.

    But some customers are complaining because they said that their size didn’t increase and so on.

    One thing that I can say; If the product is honest enough to give you the details on what it can do and can back it up, that is one way of knowing that the product is created to help those unfortunate souls who are in need to improve semen production.

    If your problem is not your length and if all you need is a hard erection which can give you powerful orgasm, then Semenax would be perfect for you.

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