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Rule of thumb is to try out the PE products you feel best and go from there. But the dilemma is– what male enhancement product is the best and which one you should try? Why Prosolution Gel but not VigRx Oil? Reasonable question! Let’s try to find the answer together based on the available information as well as personal experience.

First of all it is important to say that male enhancement gels and oils usually prefer men who need the “here-and-now” results. They do not care about long lasting or even permanent enhancement results.
As we both know, there are no miracle products – each product is formulated for different types of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, erection hardness, orgasm intensity and so on.

Today we can see thousands of products which promises to resolve lots of so-called ”man problems”, but are you confused whether spending a lot of money on the male enhancement products is the way to go? It was a sort of a hobby for me to educate myself regarding male enhancement pills, PE gels, oils, PE exercises etc. etc. I splurge on such products thousand bucks and now have something to share.

As the following products are very similar, I decided to combine my Prosolution gel review and VigRX Oil review in one review, let’s call it Prosolution Gel vs. VigRx Oil

Ok, I’ve mentioned that these two male enhancement products are similar by my opinion.

What is the similarity Prosolution Gel and VigRX oil?

As you might be noticed, they both were made for external (transdermal) use only. Prosolution Gel and VigRx Oil contains the similar ingredients –blended of special active herbal concentrates, amino acids and vitamins. It means there is nothing synthetic or harmful ingredients are included. According to Laboratory Dermal Toxicity Tests both products caused absolutely no unwanted side effects. It means both Prosolution gel and VigRX oil were clinically tested and medically proven.

How Prosolution gel and VigRX Oil works?

Both products absorbed by the penis skin, muscles and then active ingredients work into cells where they boost the physiological process of maintaining a stronger, longer – lasting erection, powerful orgasm and amplifying your overall desire for sex. Manufacturers called this “transdermal delivery system” which brings the active ingredients to the penis instantly. Well, it means that the product works exactly where it needed. It doesn’t travel in your stomach or intestines as pills. You also shouldn’t stick anything to your body for all day as in case with PE patches. All you need is just to apply the necessary amount of gel or oil into your penis before sex.

The most significant advantages of VigRX Oil and Prosolution gel, by my opinion, are:


  • Impact is seen within a couple of minutes after applying, quick absorption
  • Immediate and long lasting erection, thicker looking penis
  • Prevent from premature ejaculation through regular use
  • Condom compatible
  • Product quality is genuine, you are protected from fake products when order from official manufacturer website.



Everyone has personal preferences, regardless of whether you buy a new car or male enhancement products. Some men prefer PE pills more than patches, others prefer to use oils or gels and will never take pills. It is always depends on you and your preferences. The best advice I can give is to try both male enhancers personally. Both have the highest ratings and stands on first places in “best male enhancement products of 2011-2012”. They both have their benefits and it comes down to which one you see the best results from. As for me, I prefer VigRX oil more than Prosolution Gel just because of personal preference. I like the VigRX Oil consistency.
I hope you’ve found my Prosolution Gel review useful. If you’ve tried VigRX oil or Prosolution Gel personally please share your experience, I’ll gladly post your review here.

Official Websites: Prosolution Gel official website and VigRX Oil official website

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