How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation


The topic of premature ejaculation is not one very many men would prefer to discuss. In order to overcome this troubling sexual performance condition, it does become necessary to address the condition.

Learning how to prevent premature ejaculation is not as difficult as some might believe it to be. Rather, a simple approach involving a few simple exercises can aid in reversing the to prevent premature ejaculation

That means you need not waste time or money on “de-sensitizing creams” which are a great deal of hype and only nominally effective.


Seriously, would you wish to use a cream that dulls physical sensations as the answer to how to prevent premature ejaculation?

Rather than invest money and energy into these gimmick oriented products, it would be much wiser to explore options available through effective premature ejaculation exercises.

Yes, it is true there are exercises which can be used to reverse the impact of premature ejaculation. These exercises are not esoteric or rooted in fantasy. Rather, they work with the harmony of male physiology to arrive at a desired result.

Psychological issues can also contribute to premature ejaculation. If you are depressed or have anxiety, you will find that treating such problems will potentially reduce problems associated with premature ejaculation.

How to prevent premature ejaculation can also entail modifying certain behavioral choices in life. Namely, you will want to stay away from tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs as they are all known to cause premature ejaculation.

However, the vast majority of the time, techniques involving relaxation and distraction are what is needed to resolve issues with PE.

The slow and stop method utilizes both relaxation and distraction concepts to control orgasms. Essentially. this entails slowing down and thinking of something else prior to having an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

There is also a masturbatory method which is intended to help instill in a man the natural control of orgasms. It would be an understatement to say many men would find such a practice to be an odd one.

However, it you are serious about learning how to prevent premature ejaculation then exercises such as this would be worth exploring. The problem will not go away on its own and unless you are willing to take the requisite steps to reverse the problem then it will not reverse itself.

Kegel exercises have also been commonly employed to prevent premature ejaculation. Actually, Kegel exercises are helpful to men’s reproductive health in quite a number of different ways.

You could say the Kegel exercise is a must perform exercise for any many wishing to address scores of sexual performance related issues since these exercises can be employed to deal with weak erections, a lack of maximum size, and yes, premature ejaculation.

The way to perform these exercises is relatively easy. Anyone looking for a simple solution regarding how to prevent premature ejaculation will find the exercises helpful. You would flex the PC muscles at the base of the penis which would be the region known as the pelvic floor.

The flex is to be held for a few second and then released. You would perform the appropriate number of reps that you feel comfortable with. Just do not overdo it with these male enhancement exercises or else you will discover you become sore which would not be very comfortable.

Proper supplementation is helpful as well. There are penis pills on the market which can work quite well as a means of helping you address the problem of premature ejaculation. In particular, VigRX Plus pills would be among the best male enhancement pills to acquire when wishing to learning how to prevent premature ejaculation.

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