How to Measure Your Penis Size


Discussions centering on how to measure your penis size may seem rather straightforward. How can you not figure out how to measure your penis accurately? The word to examine here is “accurately”.

Anyone can make a measurement of the penis but the results can be thoroughly inaccurate. When you are measuring the penis, you likely are doing so because you are interested in taking part in a penis enlargement program. In order to truly track your progress, you will need to know the right dimensions of your penis.How to Measure Your Penis Size

With inaccurate measurements, you will not be able to properly chart your progress during the penis enlargement program. Really, how could you tell if the program was working at all if you keep logging inaccurate or inconsistent measurements.

This could prove both highly frustrating as well as leading you to making the wrong determinations regarding how to alter your exercises or, for that matter, remain on the same exercise path.


This is why it is so critical to understand how to measure your penis size correctly.

The first step would be to measure your penis at the outset of performing any penis enlargement program. You do not want to wait two months before taking an accurate measurement because you make an assumption on your size.

This would be a decidedly inaccurate approach to take and it can undermine your ability to gauge your progress. So, take a proper measurement prior to beginning your enlargement routine.

Of course, you do need to take the steps to learn how to measure your penis size accurately as well.

You will want to place a ruler by the side of your penis. Press the ruler downward until it hits the pubic bone. Many do not press downward to the pubic bone when trying to measure the penis and this is an error.


Why is it improper?

There is a pad of fatty tissue at the base of the penis, which varies from person to person. The penis is covered by this fat and you would not get and accurate measurement unless you pressed through the fat to the pubic bone.

You also will want to measure your flaccid and erect length. The key point with measuring the erect length is that you must be completely and 100% erect or else you will not gain an accurate charting of your size.

When you want to learn how to measure your penis size in the erect state properly, you should take an natural male enhancement such a VigRX Plus prior to measuring. This way, you will have a completely erect penis that can be properly and accurately measured.

You do not want to just measure the length. You will also want to measure girth since this girth will also grow as part of any reliable enlargement program. This is done by wrapping a tape measure around the penis.

Specifically, the tape measure will be wrapped around the middle of the penis. Measuring too high or too low on the penis shaft will not provide the accurate measurement you need to determine the proper dimensions of the organ.

As with measuring length, you will want to measure the girth of the penis both when it is flaccid and when it is erect. Again, the penis must be 100% erect when taking erect measurements or else the results will be skewed.


There is another thing to be aware of when you wish to learn how to measure your penis correctly.

You do not want to measure it too often when you are involved in a penis enlargement program.

The reason for this is that gains can come slowly since it takes quite a bit of time for the body’s growth process to become pronounced. Measuring too frequently can lead to disappointments, which is not really going to motivate you to continue with the male enhancement exercises program.

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