How to Make Penis Bigger


There is a topic that is consistently bandied about in male health publications and it would be that of how to make penis bigger. For many decades, this topic would repeatedly appear in bodybuilding, fitness, and even men’s fashion magazines. Of course, it was a topic met with derision since the common answer provided by the male editorial staff was no such process existed. How to Make Penis Bigger

The emergence of surgical procedures did change the response but not necessarily in a good way. Essentially, many pointed out that the penis could be lengthened and thickened via a surgical procedure with one caveat: the surgery was not endorsed by accomplished urologists.

The reason for this was that the procedure was known for its extremely serious side effects and complications. For many, the $10,000 spent on the surgery was little more than a nightmare come to life.

If there was one good thing to emerge out of the fiasco of penis enlargement surgery it was the reemergence of male enhancement exercises. Yes, there are such things as exercises designed how to make penis bigger. These exercises are not anything new.

They have been in existence for hundreds of years but were forgotten about as the topic of penis enlargement become one that really was not discussed in polite company. Granted, it still is not discussed in polite company but a more serious attitude is taken by men’s health publications on the subject.

From this, we now know that there are a few established means in which the penis can be made larger.


What are the common exercises employed to attain these goals?

Here is a brief overview of the most commonly performed ones:

  • Jelquing exercises are actually mentioned in historical records dating back thousands of years. These exercises are commonly employed as a means of increasing the girth of the penis although they can also increase length as well.

As such, they are common listed as the most helpful of all how to make penis bigger exercises. The way the exercises are performed is quite simple. By making a grip with the thumb and forefinger at the base of the penis, one strokes blood from the base to the tip of the penis.

This creates a pressure on the chambers of the penis forcing them to become larger and hold more blood. The end result of this would be a much thicker penis.

  • Stretching exercises can be employed to lengthen the penis. Many assume that a stretching device is required in order to achieve the desired result of how to make penis bigger..

This is really not the case at all as numerous manual exercises can be employed to deliver length increases. The common result of stretching exercises is that stress is applied to the penis to the point that the cells in the penis begin to divide. As the cells divide, more tissue is created. The result here is that the penis becomes longer.

  • Kegel exercises are employed as a means of helping the penis maintain its size gains. Such exercises entail the flexing of the muscles at the base of the penis which helps make erections firmer.

One reason for this is that more blood is forced into the penis. For those wishing to maximize the size of their erection, Kegel exercises help with this goal. When you are involved in a serious penis enlargement exercise regimen, you may find the added blood flow can help with goals centering on how to make penis bigger.

Best male enhancement pills can further enhance blood flow to the chambers of the penis. Often, the right mix of manual exercises and quality penis pill supplementation may be the most reliable way to increase size. For those interested in the best quality penis pills on the market, VigRx Plus should be selected. You can check my VigRX Plus review here.

Of course, consistent performance of exercises over time is required when seeking how to make penis bigger.

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