A Primer on Jelqing Exercises


Many men wish they could increase the size of their penis. While information of such a subject was limited in the past, a great deal of research has been conducted recently on the subject of male physiology.

In particular, the effects of male enhancement exercises have been studied and the results of such study reveal there are means which can effectively increase the size of the penis.Jelqing Exercises

Among the most commonly cited practices to increase male size would be the performance of jelqing exercises. In fact, it is likely that these particular exercises are the most popular of all male enhancement exercises.


Why are they so popular?

Is it because they are well promoted by advertisers of male enhancement programs? The truth is that these jelqing exercises are popular for three reasons: they are easy to perform, they deliver results, and they can deliver said results within a reasonable timeframe. No one will see overnight results can be possible with proper concentrated effort.

Jelqing exercises are primarily used to increase the girth (thickness) of the penis. This is not to say that they cannot increase the length of the penis but length is commonly a secondary benefit of performing these exercises.

Those that are primarily interested in seeing increases in girth should look to performing jelqing exercises and may wish to explore stretching exercises for length gains.

The word jelqing derives from classical Arabic and it means “to milk”. The performance of jelqing exercises is similar to a milking motion and it is done with the purpose of increasing the flow of blood into the chambers of the penis. It is these chambers which hold the blood which flows into the penis when it becomes erect.

Obviously, the chambers can only hold a finite amount of blood. Yet, if these chambers are expanded in size then they can hold more blood. Of course, if this is the case then the size of the penis will be increased as well.


The actual process of performing the exercises is not all that complicated.

Because of this, it is possible to perform these exercises relatively easily on a daily basis.

However, it is important to point out that you should never rush into these exercises without a proper warmup. Jelqing exercises are exactly that – they are exercises that involve stressing the human body. Without a warmup in the form of a hot compress, you will run the risk of injuring yourself.

Performing jelqing exercises requires you to get your penis into a semi-erect state. The exercise will not be effective when your penis is completely flaccid and if you try to perform these exercises with a full erection you could suffer an injury. Once again, your penis must be in a semi-erect state.

The exercise itself is conducted through making an “Okay” sign with the thumb and the forefinger. You will grip the base of the penis and squeeze the base. This will help force blood forward. Then, you will milk your hand forward to the head of the penis.

Doing so forces the blood through the chambers of the penis. Repeat this motion for a set number of reps. The amount of reps will depending upon your experience with the exercises. When you start with jelqing exercises, you keep the reps relatively low.

Over time, you can increase the number of reps as your body becomes conditioned to the exercises. The pressure of the blood being forced through the penis can make the chambers larger.

To repeat, these exercises will not lead to gains in size overnight. However, with the right amount of consistency and the right supplementation, you might see expansive size gains occur.

In particular, combining jelqing exercises with VigRX Plus capsules could prove to be an excellent means of enhancing the size of penis’ girth significantly.


Are you concerned about being able to perform these exercises correctly?

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