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Here you’ll find the answers on frequently asked questions about male enhancement pills.

1. What is the difference between pills and dietary supplements?

Actually, it is correct to call them dietary supplements, not pills. First of all, because of the ingredients. All natural male enhancement supplements do not include synthetic or chemical ingredients like pharmaceutical drugs. Natural male enhancements also do not require the FDA approvement as well as prescription.

All ingredients included in enhancement supplements are safe and guarantee you’ll not experience any side effects. They work naturally helping to stimulate libido, increase sperm production, increase energy, allow for a hasty growth of blood flow to penis, they also help to make penis thicker, longer and wider.

2. Is it possible to enlarge penis without taking pills?

The answer is YES. There are several ways to enlarge penis naturally: male enhancement exercises, penis surgery, penis extenders, penis pumps, patches, gels and oils. All of the ways except surgery are safe and natural but some of them work better than others, some are more comfortable – it is always up to you to decide what method fits you and your needs. I am convinced that whatever method you prefer, combine it with exercises is a MUST.

3. How long do I need to take pills until gain a visible result?

It depends on what pills you chose and what results you expect. Different expectations need different types of products. For example, if you need to increase the semen level just for one night – one pill of Semenax will be enough. If you want to last longer and harder just for one night – VigRX oil or Prosolution gel will be a good decision.

To increase penis size you will need to work on it, nothing will guarantee overnight results. The best way is to take pills by course and stick with enhancement exercises, at least for 4-6 weeks until you can see visible results. Take pills and do exercises regularly, not from time to time and you’ll achieve your goals faster.

4. How many inches max I can gain? Can I enlarge penis length as well as penis girth?

As a rule (and as manufactures promise) the maximum length you can gain to your penis is 3 inches. Usually the results are less than 3 inches, 1-1.5 inches in length and in girth – the results men usually claim.

5. How I can be sure that pills I purchase are not fake? Which companies/enhancement brands I can trust?

In the health industry there are several certified companies that guarantee that the product you purchase is original. They guarantee the quality of the dietary supplements they produce, they also guarantee you can ask for refund if the product you purchase doesn’t work for you. Make sure that the product you are buying is medically tested and clinically proven. Reputable and trustworthy companies on the market are:

These 3 companies are the most reputable in the market nowadays.

6. Is it safe to order such products online?

The only way to purchase real product is to buy it from the manufacturer’s official web site. Don’t be scammed! Do not order from suspicious sources, non official websites, other guys etc. I do not also recommend to buy from ebay, amazon etc.

The risk you’ll get the same box but the different contents is very high. Always buy from officials to avoid fake products. In the official website you’ll find the contact phone # or live chat in case you have any questions or concerns, you will find customer support button, you could get money back or even free trial offers.

Sometimes they offer free trials, just need to pay for shipping. In addition, they usually provide the huge range of bonuses. You’ll receive your order in discreet pack, plus trustworthy companies always follow their privacy policy very strictly, they will never compromise your private information to any other unrelated third-party companies. That’s why I see no reason to buy anywhere else but from officials.

7. What products I should avoid?

Yes, all male enhancement pills are not the same. Some of them do not worth your time and money. Here’s the list of Fake PE pills brands you should avoid:
Size Pro, Magna RX, Enzyte, Neosize XL, Roaring Tiger, Zenerx and some others. Note that reputable companies that produce trustworthy product usually provide:

  • Working phone #, make sure that the phone # indicated in the website really works, not fake set of digits.
  • Valid customer support available by live chat button or phone #

8. What about money back? Do they really refund me money or it is just a scam?

Most companies provide money back guarantee. Research how you can request your money back and what are the conditions. Some claim 30 days, some 60 days money back guarantee. But usually they will not refund you full amount of money you’ve paid. Mostly they refund 30%-50% of the total amount, plus lots of fill outs. Make sure that the refund policy might be different, always ask how you can get a refund PRIOR to purchase. Some companies, like PillsExpert Inc – Vimax pills seller provide 100% of your money back without any questions.

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What is male enhancement exercises?

In general, they are hand exercises that you do for your penis. Penis enlargement exercises rely upon this innate ability of muscle fibers to stretch and grow, along with the tendons and ligaments. They improve overall sexual health like ejaculation control, increase penis size. You can do just the target exercises to gain faster results such as increase only your penis length or penis girth size or head size. Natural penis enlargement programs stimulate the connective layers of the penis to achieve, after repeated sessions, permanent increase in size and strength. What you need is to find the high quality exercise program and stick with it. Please note that exercises should be safe –you can injure your penis by exercising the wrong way! Make penis exercising healthy!  It is unsafe to follow not qualified programs or video courses!

You also can read the book named “Exercising the Penis: How to Make Your Most Prized Organ Bigger, Harder and Healthier” by Aaron Kemmer. He spent over five years learning from doctors, experienced experts, and thousands of men who have built a bigger and harder penis using exercises. From his book you will know how penis exercises work, and the facts and myths surrounding male enhancement. He is an expert who has written complete manual to penile exercising.

Why do I need to perform exercises?

Do you know why some people turn to a procedure called “PE Exercises”? Why men started to think about “exercising” theirs penis?  The answer is very simple – each time you exercise you would get stronger and healthier! It is true whatever kind of training you stick with – cardio, fitness, yoga, or even penis enlargement exercises.  It is the healthiest way to make your penis bigger – longer and thicker.

What I need to do before exercising?

When you feel ready to start doing such practice the rules are the same as with regular gym workouts:

  • Be motivated
  • Set the goals
  • Do exercises regularly, schedule into a daily/weekly habit
  • Stay safe, no injuries
  • Don’t be in a rush. Increase the exercise intensity little by little
  • Be sure you learn as much as possible

And of course find the good trainer! “Are you kidding me?” – You’ll ask. No. In case of enhancement exercises you’ll need a trustworthy and high quality program to make sure you’re doing everything correctly and exercises will not harm you and your penis. There is a huge range of different techniques, but questions are still the same – which exercise is better, how to start doing PE exercises, how long you should keep up with the regimen and so on. Find the complete penile enlargement exercise program and stick with it. Also you can find most answers on your questions in special PE forums.

Is it true that PE exercises are more effective than PE pills?

According to my personal experience I’m pretty sure that better effect and better results you can achieve only if you combine enlargement pills with PE routine. Pills help to achieve better results in a short period of time, that’s why you usually get “PE exercise program” as a bonus when you purchase pills. Plus, pills could help to stay last longer in bed, get stronger erection, and produce more semen quality and so on. The best natural male enhancement pills by my opinion are VigRX Plus.

Are the enlargement results I gain permanent?

According to researches, at least 90% men who exercise their penis claim that the results they gain are permanent. But many of them still continue training. So the answer is – even if you are unluckily lose half an inch it is easy to regain by continuing your routine. I’m also confident than the complex “exercises-pills” is the best way to keep permanent results.

 Am I too old for penile exercises?

Actually, there is no age limits unless you are younger than 18 years old but it is never too late. Many senior men confirm that PE exercises help them to pull round erectile dysfunction, get a very strong erection for as long as desired, better orgasms and satisfied overall with the sexual life. It is true that even “after 60-70” guys are REALLY happy with the results of penis exercises.