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Discussions centering on how to measure your penis size may seem rather straightforward. How can you not figure out how to measure your penis accurately? The word to examine here is “accurately”.

Anyone can make a measurement of the penis but the results can be thoroughly inaccurate. When you are measuring the penis, you likely are doing so because you are interested in taking part in a penis enlargement program. In order to truly track your progress, you will need to know the right dimensions of your penis.How to Measure Your Penis Size

With inaccurate measurements, you will not be able to properly chart your progress during the penis enlargement program. Really, how could you tell if the program was working at all if you keep logging inaccurate or inconsistent measurements.

This could prove both highly frustrating as well as leading you to making the wrong determinations regarding how to alter your exercises or, for that matter, remain on the same exercise path.


This is why it is so critical to understand how to measure your penis size correctly.

The first step would be to measure your penis at the outset of performing any penis enlargement program. You do not want to wait two months before taking an accurate measurement because you make an assumption on your size.

This would be a decidedly inaccurate approach to take and it can undermine your ability to gauge your progress. So, take a proper measurement prior to beginning your enlargement routine.

Of course, you do need to take the steps to learn how to measure your penis size accurately as well.

You will want to place a ruler by the side of your penis. Press the ruler downward until it hits the pubic bone. Many do not press downward to the pubic bone when trying to measure the penis and this is an error.


Why is it improper?

There is a pad of fatty tissue at the base of the penis, which varies from person to person. The penis is covered by this fat and you would not get and accurate measurement unless you pressed through the fat to the pubic bone.

You also will want to measure your flaccid and erect length. The key point with measuring the erect length is that you must be completely and 100% erect or else you will not gain an accurate charting of your size.

When you want to learn how to measure your penis size in the erect state properly, you should take an natural male enhancement such a VigRX Plus prior to measuring. This way, you will have a completely erect penis that can be properly and accurately measured.

You do not want to just measure the length. You will also want to measure girth since this girth will also grow as part of any reliable enlargement program. This is done by wrapping a tape measure around the penis.

Specifically, the tape measure will be wrapped around the middle of the penis. Measuring too high or too low on the penis shaft will not provide the accurate measurement you need to determine the proper dimensions of the organ.

As with measuring length, you will want to measure the girth of the penis both when it is flaccid and when it is erect. Again, the penis must be 100% erect when taking erect measurements or else the results will be skewed.


There is another thing to be aware of when you wish to learn how to measure your penis correctly.

You do not want to measure it too often when you are involved in a penis enlargement program.

The reason for this is that gains can come slowly since it takes quite a bit of time for the body’s growth process to become pronounced. Measuring too frequently can lead to disappointments, which is not really going to motivate you to continue with the male enhancement exercises program.

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There is a topic that is consistently bandied about in male health publications and it would be that of how to make penis bigger. For many decades, this topic would repeatedly appear in bodybuilding, fitness, and even men’s fashion magazines. Of course, it was a topic met with derision since the common answer provided by the male editorial staff was no such process existed. How to Make Penis Bigger

The emergence of surgical procedures did change the response but not necessarily in a good way. Essentially, many pointed out that the penis could be lengthened and thickened via a surgical procedure with one caveat: the surgery was not endorsed by accomplished urologists.

The reason for this was that the procedure was known for its extremely serious side effects and complications. For many, the $10,000 spent on the surgery was little more than a nightmare come to life.

If there was one good thing to emerge out of the fiasco of penis enlargement surgery it was the reemergence of male enhancement exercises. Yes, there are such things as exercises designed how to make penis bigger. These exercises are not anything new.

They have been in existence for hundreds of years but were forgotten about as the topic of penis enlargement become one that really was not discussed in polite company. Granted, it still is not discussed in polite company but a more serious attitude is taken by men’s health publications on the subject.

From this, we now know that there are a few established means in which the penis can be made larger.


What are the common exercises employed to attain these goals?

Here is a brief overview of the most commonly performed ones:

  • Jelquing exercises are actually mentioned in historical records dating back thousands of years. These exercises are commonly employed as a means of increasing the girth of the penis although they can also increase length as well.

As such, they are common listed as the most helpful of all how to make penis bigger exercises. The way the exercises are performed is quite simple. By making a grip with the thumb and forefinger at the base of the penis, one strokes blood from the base to the tip of the penis.

This creates a pressure on the chambers of the penis forcing them to become larger and hold more blood. The end result of this would be a much thicker penis.

  • Stretching exercises can be employed to lengthen the penis. Many assume that a stretching device is required in order to achieve the desired result of how to make penis bigger..

This is really not the case at all as numerous manual exercises can be employed to deliver length increases. The common result of stretching exercises is that stress is applied to the penis to the point that the cells in the penis begin to divide. As the cells divide, more tissue is created. The result here is that the penis becomes longer.

  • Kegel exercises are employed as a means of helping the penis maintain its size gains. Such exercises entail the flexing of the muscles at the base of the penis which helps make erections firmer.

One reason for this is that more blood is forced into the penis. For those wishing to maximize the size of their erection, Kegel exercises help with this goal. When you are involved in a serious penis enlargement exercise regimen, you may find the added blood flow can help with goals centering on how to make penis bigger.

Best male enhancement pills can further enhance blood flow to the chambers of the penis. Often, the right mix of manual exercises and quality penis pill supplementation may be the most reliable way to increase size. For those interested in the best quality penis pills on the market, VigRx Plus should be selected. You can check my VigRX Plus review here.

Of course, consistent performance of exercises over time is required when seeking how to make penis bigger.

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The topic of premature ejaculation is not one very many men would prefer to discuss. In order to overcome this troubling sexual performance condition, it does become necessary to address the condition.

Learning how to prevent premature ejaculation is not as difficult as some might believe it to be. Rather, a simple approach involving a few simple exercises can aid in reversing the problem.how to prevent premature ejaculation

That means you need not waste time or money on “de-sensitizing creams” which are a great deal of hype and only nominally effective.


Seriously, would you wish to use a cream that dulls physical sensations as the answer to how to prevent premature ejaculation?

Rather than invest money and energy into these gimmick oriented products, it would be much wiser to explore options available through effective premature ejaculation exercises.

Yes, it is true there are exercises which can be used to reverse the impact of premature ejaculation. These exercises are not esoteric or rooted in fantasy. Rather, they work with the harmony of male physiology to arrive at a desired result.

Psychological issues can also contribute to premature ejaculation. If you are depressed or have anxiety, you will find that treating such problems will potentially reduce problems associated with premature ejaculation.

How to prevent premature ejaculation can also entail modifying certain behavioral choices in life. Namely, you will want to stay away from tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs as they are all known to cause premature ejaculation.

However, the vast majority of the time, techniques involving relaxation and distraction are what is needed to resolve issues with PE.

The slow and stop method utilizes both relaxation and distraction concepts to control orgasms. Essentially. this entails slowing down and thinking of something else prior to having an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

There is also a masturbatory method which is intended to help instill in a man the natural control of orgasms. It would be an understatement to say many men would find such a practice to be an odd one.

However, it you are serious about learning how to prevent premature ejaculation then exercises such as this would be worth exploring. The problem will not go away on its own and unless you are willing to take the requisite steps to reverse the problem then it will not reverse itself.

Kegel exercises have also been commonly employed to prevent premature ejaculation. Actually, Kegel exercises are helpful to men’s reproductive health in quite a number of different ways.

You could say the Kegel exercise is a must perform exercise for any many wishing to address scores of sexual performance related issues since these exercises can be employed to deal with weak erections, a lack of maximum size, and yes, premature ejaculation.

The way to perform these exercises is relatively easy. Anyone looking for a simple solution regarding how to prevent premature ejaculation will find the exercises helpful. You would flex the PC muscles at the base of the penis which would be the region known as the pelvic floor.

The flex is to be held for a few second and then released. You would perform the appropriate number of reps that you feel comfortable with. Just do not overdo it with these male enhancement exercises or else you will discover you become sore which would not be very comfortable.

Proper supplementation is helpful as well. There are penis pills on the market which can work quite well as a means of helping you address the problem of premature ejaculation. In particular, VigRX Plus pills would be among the best male enhancement pills to acquire when wishing to learning how to prevent premature ejaculation.

For those that may need additional help or information on how to prevent premature ejaculation, our free newsletter could prove quite informative. All you need to do is sign up for it and it will be delivered right to your inbox.

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Many men wish they could increase the size of their penis. While information of such a subject was limited in the past, a great deal of research has been conducted recently on the subject of male physiology.

In particular, the effects of male enhancement exercises have been studied and the results of such study reveal there are means which can effectively increase the size of the penis.Jelqing Exercises

Among the most commonly cited practices to increase male size would be the performance of jelqing exercises. In fact, it is likely that these particular exercises are the most popular of all male enhancement exercises.


Why are they so popular?

Is it because they are well promoted by advertisers of male enhancement programs? The truth is that these jelqing exercises are popular for three reasons: they are easy to perform, they deliver results, and they can deliver said results within a reasonable timeframe. No one will see overnight results can be possible with proper concentrated effort.

Jelqing exercises are primarily used to increase the girth (thickness) of the penis. This is not to say that they cannot increase the length of the penis but length is commonly a secondary benefit of performing these exercises.

Those that are primarily interested in seeing increases in girth should look to performing jelqing exercises and may wish to explore stretching exercises for length gains.

The word jelqing derives from classical Arabic and it means “to milk”. The performance of jelqing exercises is similar to a milking motion and it is done with the purpose of increasing the flow of blood into the chambers of the penis. It is these chambers which hold the blood which flows into the penis when it becomes erect.

Obviously, the chambers can only hold a finite amount of blood. Yet, if these chambers are expanded in size then they can hold more blood. Of course, if this is the case then the size of the penis will be increased as well.


The actual process of performing the exercises is not all that complicated.

Because of this, it is possible to perform these exercises relatively easily on a daily basis.

However, it is important to point out that you should never rush into these exercises without a proper warmup. Jelqing exercises are exactly that – they are exercises that involve stressing the human body. Without a warmup in the form of a hot compress, you will run the risk of injuring yourself.

Performing jelqing exercises requires you to get your penis into a semi-erect state. The exercise will not be effective when your penis is completely flaccid and if you try to perform these exercises with a full erection you could suffer an injury. Once again, your penis must be in a semi-erect state.

The exercise itself is conducted through making an “Okay” sign with the thumb and the forefinger. You will grip the base of the penis and squeeze the base. This will help force blood forward. Then, you will milk your hand forward to the head of the penis.

Doing so forces the blood through the chambers of the penis. Repeat this motion for a set number of reps. The amount of reps will depending upon your experience with the exercises. When you start with jelqing exercises, you keep the reps relatively low.

Over time, you can increase the number of reps as your body becomes conditioned to the exercises. The pressure of the blood being forced through the penis can make the chambers larger.

To repeat, these exercises will not lead to gains in size overnight. However, with the right amount of consistency and the right supplementation, you might see expansive size gains occur.

In particular, combining jelqing exercises with VigRX Plus capsules could prove to be an excellent means of enhancing the size of penis’ girth significantly.


Are you concerned about being able to perform these exercises correctly?

There is no need to worry. All you have to do is sign up for our free newsletter to learn insights and tips on a great variety of male enhancement exercises.

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Rule of thumb is to try out the PE products you feel best and go from there. But the dilemma is– what male enhancement product is the best and which one you should try? Why Prosolution Gel but not VigRx Oil? Reasonable question! Let’s try to find the answer together based on the available information as well as personal experience.

First of all it is important to say that male enhancement gels and oils usually prefer men who need the “here-and-now” results. They do not care about long lasting or even permanent enhancement results.
As we both know, there are no miracle products – each product is formulated for different types of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, erection hardness, orgasm intensity and so on.

Today we can see thousands of products which promises to resolve lots of so-called ”man problems”, but are you confused whether spending a lot of money on the male enhancement products is the way to go? It was a sort of a hobby for me to educate myself regarding male enhancement pills, PE gels, oils, PE exercises etc. etc. I splurge on such products thousand bucks and now have something to share.

As the following products are very similar, I decided to combine my Prosolution gel review and VigRX Oil review in one review, let’s call it Prosolution Gel vs. VigRx Oil

Ok, I’ve mentioned that these two male enhancement products are similar by my opinion.

What is the similarity Prosolution Gel and VigRX oil?

As you might be noticed, they both were made for external (transdermal) use only. Prosolution Gel and VigRx Oil contains the similar ingredients –blended of special active herbal concentrates, amino acids and vitamins. It means there is nothing synthetic or harmful ingredients are included. According to Laboratory Dermal Toxicity Tests both products caused absolutely no unwanted side effects. It means both Prosolution gel and VigRX oil were clinically tested and medically proven.

How Prosolution gel and VigRX Oil works?

Both products absorbed by the penis skin, muscles and then active ingredients work into cells where they boost the physiological process of maintaining a stronger, longer – lasting erection, powerful orgasm and amplifying your overall desire for sex. Manufacturers called this “transdermal delivery system” which brings the active ingredients to the penis instantly. Well, it means that the product works exactly where it needed. It doesn’t travel in your stomach or intestines as pills. You also shouldn’t stick anything to your body for all day as in case with PE patches. All you need is just to apply the necessary amount of gel or oil into your penis before sex.

The most significant advantages of VigRX Oil and Prosolution gel, by my opinion, are:


  • Impact is seen within a couple of minutes after applying, quick absorption
  • Immediate and long lasting erection, thicker looking penis
  • Prevent from premature ejaculation through regular use
  • Condom compatible
  • Product quality is genuine, you are protected from fake products when order from official manufacturer website.



Everyone has personal preferences, regardless of whether you buy a new car or male enhancement products. Some men prefer PE pills more than patches, others prefer to use oils or gels and will never take pills. It is always depends on you and your preferences. The best advice I can give is to try both male enhancers personally. Both have the highest ratings and stands on first places in “best male enhancement products of 2011-2012”. They both have their benefits and it comes down to which one you see the best results from. As for me, I prefer VigRX oil more than Prosolution Gel just because of personal preference. I like the VigRX Oil consistency.
I hope you’ve found my Prosolution Gel review useful. If you’ve tried VigRX oil or Prosolution Gel personally please share your experience, I’ll gladly post your review here.

Official Websites: Prosolution Gel official website and VigRX Oil official website

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