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Product's Name: ProSolution Pills
100% Natural Ingredients
Doctor approved
Free Shipping Is Available
180 Days Money Back Guarantee
Fair Price
Improved Formulation
Selection of Bonuses
Available Online Only
No Male Enhancement Exercises Are Included
Bottom Line : 4.5 /5 - Excellent
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Reviewed by: Alex Utada on May 1, 2010

One of the cheapest brands out there. Prosolution is a doctor recommended brand and has only NATURAL ingredients. Unfortunately no extra discounts are available, so if you would like to save some $$$ it's better to buy in bulk (price per 3-12 months pack is much lover).

    My Full Review

    “Length doesn’t matter; they’ve just hyped it up to improve sales in male enhancement pills…”

    Read my Pro Solution Review and judge if that dictum is true.

    What Is Pro Solution?

    prosolution pills reviewsPro Solution is a natural male enhancement product that is created essentially to increase penis size and gives extra energy to promote longer lasting sex. This should help you make your partner happy and satisfied. My ProSolution Review will also show you the ingredients on how this product works.

    How can it help the “Minnie willy”?

    Pro Solutions promises to give you the result within 7-14 days. I knew someone from the male enhancement forums who used this Pro Solution extra. I asked him if I can do an interview for my Pro Solution review and he obliged.

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    I am going to call him Jerry Velasquez for my Pro Solution Review (not the true name since the participant didn’t want to disclose it in public); he is just 24 years old.

    Jerry was born with a dangling dick. That fact is very hard to admit especially in this “male dominated” world (pardon my French if you are a “feminist”). Because of that Jerry developed an anxiety whenever he is with the opposite sex.

    He used Pro Solution and he said his dick increased dramatically, now he has the normal 7 inch he is two inches shorter before Pro Solution.

    He also said that his “willy” is so proud now it doesn’t bow down. When I ask him about endurance, he said calmly, “all I know is I can do it 3 to 5 rounds, I never knew what I can do before because I was avoiding embarrassment and never did it before Pro Solution.”

    For my ProSolution review I will add what the product promises to do.

    Here goes:

    • Rapid recovery time for numerous rounds,
    • Massive along with extraordinary ejaculations
    • Rock-solid firmness, throbbing blood circulation into the cock
    • Exceptional control and endurance, enhanced self esteem and love-making chemistry
    • Speedier arousal
    • And All-night sexual stamina

    prosolution pills reviews

    What are the ingredients?

    I am proud to present these natural ingredients in my Pro Solution Review: Read and learn.

    • Solidilin
      One particular element within the Solidilin substance indicates in several animal researches to enhance lovemaking enthusiasm.
    • Taj and Safflower
      Are generally vasodilators, which means they throw open the arteries to inspire much more blood flow.
    • Momordica
      Has additionally been proven to decrease body fat in so doing raising the human body’s testosterone levels.
    • Apigenin and Amla
      This kind of partnering actively works to maintain your erectile organ healthy and working properly over time.
    • Arjuna
      Is a vital element of a healthy love-making lifestyle. It is employed primarily in cardiovascular wellness.
    • Cordyceps
      This compound can easily improve testosterone output, hence aiding greatly in your advancement efforts.
    • Zinc
      Helps with semen mobility and excellence. It’s also essential in the metabolism associated with libido.
    • Reishi Mushroom
      Boosts endurance and vitality lift the feelings and improve an individual’s sense of spirit and vigor.
    • Shatavari
      Serving as a complete system tonic, Shatavari has additionally been accustomed to help guys struggling with sexual debility and erection problems.

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    My Pro Solution Review’s Advantages and Disadvantages Analysis:


    • Improve your anatomy’s organic output of nitric oxide supplement, promoting the dilation connected with bloodstream and generating tougher, quicker, lengthier hardons.
    • Loosen up the muscle which allows blood to pump in to the manhood and load the two sponge-like regions known as Corpora Cavernosa.
    • Aid in increasing your current testosterone growth
    • Significantly enhance your sexual determination, generating need and immediate wanting for sexual intercourse
    • Improve your sensations of enjoyment by using the effectiveness of L-Dopa, the normal amino acid that is used by the body for you to synthesize dopamine


    • The only disadvantage is these natural ingredients are potent enough and your body won’t need more of it. If you are taking nutritional supplements you have to check if these ingredients are present lest you have to stop taking it to avoid complications.

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    Is Pro Solution a Scam?

    Pro solution is not a Scam. They have well known laboratories and researchers. They also have enough clinical tests to call their product effective.

    My unbiased viewpoint

    For my Pro Solution Review, I would dare say that size does matter. I would agree to some sex experts that the dick is not the only basis of orgasm and satisfaction.

    However, if your partner did experienced an 8 or 10 inch monster before I guess you would agree that she will expect you can offer the same, right? We have to meet the standards, and a 4 or 5 inch limp dick is just below the standard.


    Product's Name: Semenax
    100% Natural Ingredients
    No Side Effects
    Fair Price
    60 Days Money Back Guarantee
    No Free World Wide Shipping
    Available Online Only
    Bottom Line : 4.5 /5 - Excellent
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    Reviewed by: Alex Utada on May 8, 2010

    Good product for increasing semen volume. Unfortunately available online only. No discount codes are available. Please see video for the full review

      I’ve decided to write this Semenax review for you guys who is concern if Semenax is a SCAM.

      semenax reviewsIs it true that natural male enhancement pills don’t work? Do men seriously need it? It has been long debated if men need enhancement pills to satisfy their partner. I have a new male enhancement review, my Semenax review.

      I am hoping that my Semenax review can answer most of your questions about male enhancement pills.

      Additionally, I also want to address these questions at the end of my Semenax Review:

      • How does Semenax Work?
      • Is Semenax safe?
      • Is Semenax another kind of rip off?

      Well let’s get started.

      Are you sure that your partner is satisfied after your have intercourse?

      This is the question most men dreads to answer. We hate to admit that most of the times we are actually sure that our partner is not so satisfied. Some women won’t admit it though because they are being nice.

      But how can you really tell? My friend, Cyrus Fleur told me blatantly, “she’ll ask for more!” Cyrus Fleur is using Semenax for six months now. He said that he is satisfied with the results he is getting and the women kept coming.

      I’m not sure if this is an exaggeration from a man too proud of himself or if this is simply the manifestations coming from a man who is using an effective natural male enhancement pills. One thing is for sure though, he’s answer is true.

      Short answer but very elaborate. So, I created a Semenax Review to know more what this male enhancement pill can offer.

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      What is Semenax and how it works?

      Semenax is one of the more popular brands of natural male enhancement pills out in the market today. It is composed of natural elements believed to enhance sexual pleasure. Semenax focuses on supercharging the quantity of ejaculation.

      In my Semenax review, I interviewed a Sex guru who has been studying the role of ejaculation in relation to sexual satisfaction and this he explains:

      Male ejaculation takes place at the optimum of sexual joy, once the numerous muscle groups bond simultaneously, which includes: The pubococcygeus muscle mass, the rectal sphincter, butt, perineum, ejaculatory tubes, and muscle groups round the male organ.

      The tensing muscles would be crucial for supplying the load of seminal fluid. The initial few contractions tend to be intensive and close with each other, taking place at roughly 0.8 – second time periods. Because orgasmic pleasure carries on, the contractions decline in power and continuance as well as it happens at a smaller amount of repeated periods.

      Nevertheless, the more liquid that can be found for every ejaculation, the greater contractions it requires to blast everything and every contraction will be more powerful and much more intense.

      semenax reviews

      To make my Semenax review more complete, I have listed the ingredients below.

        The botanical herb Tribulus terrestris exhibits impressive characteristics in naturally helping the amount of luteinizing hormonal levels (LH), thus increasing the output of androgenic hormone or testosterone in the body – a level of as much as 30% is believed.
      • ZINC OXIDE
        Can enhance quantity of sperm and semen motility from 80% to 200% by way of helping testosterone synthesis.
        Features a well-deserved history of additional vim, energy, and virility. It gives you all of the biofactors that happen to be precursors for your sex hormones, and also micro-nutrients needed for wholesome reproductive systems.
        Research has shown sperm and ejaculation volume increases, sperm count improves, and semen health and activity boost through supplements.
        Brazilian plant which fortifies the sexual interest, and feeds the entire body as well as thereby improves healthy sexual functionality
        This particular Brazilian plant Muira puama, also called murapuama, is mainly noted for the effective help with impotence problems and maximizing libido and as a good aphrodisiac.
        Consists of effective herbal antioxidants and organic bioflavonoids which support the health of your entire cardiovascular system. This particular herb can in fact help control both high and low blood pressure levels, along with slowly wearing down cholesterol and fats within the body.

      These additional ingredients can considerably boost the portion of very motile semen: EPIMEDIUM SAGITTATUM “horny goat weed,” L-CARNITINE, L-LYSINE, CRANBERRY EXTRACT, PUMPKIN SEED, AVENA SATIVA EXTRACT, SARSAPARILLA, PINE BARK EXTRACT, VITAMIN E, and MACA.

      Click here for Semenax official website

      Is Semenax a Scam?

      I have listed the potent ingredients and I have interviewed a sex therapist which give Semenax a thumb up, three words I have for you in relation to my Semenax Review<: NOT A SCAM.

      I have prepared a list of Pros and Cons in my Semenax Review


      • Blast away enormous loads of cum each and every time you climax
      • Enjoy greater, more powerful climaxes along with plentiful loads of sperm
      • End up being a lot more visually interesting to your partner
      • Benefit from the reputation of be coming “powerful” with massive ejaculations
      • 60 days money back guarantee


      • Other than the 60 day money back guarantee, the four advantages I found in the Semenax Website talks about the same thing; lots of semen = happier sex. I may say in my Semenax review that this is a disadvantage if compared to other male enhancement pills, however if the system proves to be effective then we can reconsider.

      My say in this Semenax Review

      Male enhancement pills work. Some customers, however, are not satisfied because they are expecting more from the pill. Take for example the case of Semenax; it only offers to increase sexual pleasure by adding up more semen for stronger ejaculation.

      But some customers are complaining because they said that their size didn’t increase and so on.

      One thing that I can say; If the product is honest enough to give you the details on what it can do and can back it up, that is one way of knowing that the product is created to help those unfortunate souls who are in need to improve semen production.

      If your problem is not your length and if all you need is a hard erection which can give you powerful orgasm, then Semenax would be perfect for you.

      Click here for Semenax official website

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      Product's Name: Performer5
      100% Natural Ingredients
      No Side Effects
      180 Days Money Back Guarantee
      Free Shipping
      Awesome bonuses
      Available Online Only
      UK Based company
      Takes some time to deliver to US
      Bottom Line : 4.5 /5 - Excellent
      Click To Visit Official Website

      Reviewed by: Alex Utada on May 15, 2010

      Great product, good bonuses plus free shipping is a plus. Unfortunately i didn't find any discount codes. Please check video for the full review

        It is not clear which male enhancement pills are safe and which are not. Doctor’s don’t know the exact ingredients and dosages of some pills and there is no way for them to tell whether it’s safe or not. Chances are men would resort buying over the counter enhancement drugs that usually lead to some serious complications.

        performer5 reviewsI have created this Performer5 review to find out what makes it work. I will also investigate on what ingredients and what are the dosage of each ingredient (I’m hoping that there is an information about this matter because male enhancement drugs usually won’t disclose the ingredients and dosages, so I am crossing my fingers on this), and whether it has side effects and if there are Scams connected with the product.

        Bottom line is: my Performer5 review is created with the expectation to address most of the questions that men have regarding the product itself and answer questions associated with male enhancement pills.

        Click here for Performer5 official website

        The ever elusive “Cum Shot”

        Vicenzo Sanchez, our company driver, shared something about his sex life one day while we were having a cup of brewed in Starbucks. He said that great sex is like an excellent cup of coffee, once you smelled, tasted, and finished it you would surely come back for more. It is like an addiction in a good sense.

        I nodded in agreement. Then I came to notice a Performer5 review in a magazine and I showed it to him. He said, “I may have to try it, I’ve been losing my cum since I got older”. He said that his wife was no longer the noisy enthusiastic partner that he once knew. That’s what matters he said, the “cum shot” that could rock the world.

        I’ve shared this story in my Performer5 review because I didn’t quite understand why you need a lot of sperm to enjoy sex.

        But when I did some research for my own Performer5 review, I found out that having lots of sperm will allow you to ejaculate with a lot of force after having sex for a longer length of time. And if you can do it consistently for another two or three round, it will surely let your partner moan noisily in delight.

        What is Performer5?

        Performer5 is a natural male enhancement pill which works on adding great amount of semen in men in order for us to produce more ejaculation resulting to intense orgasm. And, it is my responsibility to find out if it works since I have created this Performer5 review.

        performer5 reviews

        What are the ingredients?

        To be sure a product is safe and effective; we have to look for the ingredients. So, in my Performer5 review I have listed the ingredients plus their dosages.

        • Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate 150mg – Pairing ZINC with this additional component can be quite efficient at increasing the quantity of sperm a person ejaculate. Based on research from the USDA, the higher the foundation of ZINC, the greater the outcomes. Throughout an evaluation, candidates sperm quantities decreased by more than 30% whenever their zinc oxide consumption had been decreased.
        • Pomegranate (70% ellagic) 125mg – Pomegranate extract 70% ellagic acid solution has been discovered within research to improve nitric oxide (NO) associated with sustaining the healthiness of your arteries.
        • L- Arginine 500mg – As outlined by current health-related studies by taking simply 5g of l-arginine each day may help you accomplish tougher erections.
        • Nitric oxide is very important with regard to strong erection strength however diminishes while you grow older which results in sluggish and much softer erections. Among the best ways of increasing nitric oxide is actually L-arginine, which can be an amino acid.
        • Creatine Monohydrate 35mg – Utilized by weight lifters for a good purpose, Creatine monohydrate is shown to hold off the start of exhaustion simply by buffering lactic acid for the duration of rigorous workout routines and reducing your recovery period. Fantastic details to understand when you plan a round-the-clock stint in the bed room.
        • Mucuna Pruriens 25mg – This amazing herb might be one of the greatest partners in maintaining libido and endurance. Mucuna Pruriens is really a legume found in Asia and Caribbean. The seeds consist of levodopa that is a compound which our system turns into dopamine.

        Click here for Performer5 official website

        Here’s the complete line up:

        • Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate 150mg (1000% of daily value), L-Arginine – 500mg, Muira Pauma – 300mg, Pomegranate (70% ellagic acid) – 125mg, DL-Malic Acid – 100mg, L-Glycine – 100mg, Dong Quai -75mg, Beta Glucans 20% – 50mg, Creatine Monohydrate – 35mg, Mucuna pruriens – Extract – 25mg, Alpha-glucosidase – 25mg, Nettle Leaf Powder – 10mg and DMAE Bitartrate – 5mg

        Does Performer5 have side effects?

        Looking at all the ingredients listed in this Performer5 review, I can tell for sure that for a normal person there should be no side effect. But you have to consult your doctor, so you know if you have existing ailments that might cause complications.

        Is Performer5 a Scam?

        Performer5 is not a Scam. It has an authentic Website, good clinical results and a lot of positive testimonials.

        Click here for Performer5 official website

        Advantages and Disadvantages of Performer5


        • Other than giving you the great amount of semen for intense sexual pleasure, I will reveal in my Performer5 review that there are bonuses that will certainly amaze you.
        • Free Shipping, Free Vit5 ( have nutrients that can also allow massive ejaculation), Free LoveCentria Online and DVD ( For sexual techniques and positions), and lastly free Male Extra (male enhance pill produced by the same company)
        • 180 day %100 money back guarantees (This one right here is amazing!)


        • It is only available online and this product will help you get on top of your sex game but it won’t increase your length.

        What can I say about Performer5

        Performer5 is not one of the dangerous male enhancement pills, I can attest to that in my Performer5 review. This product honestly claims that it can give you the result you need: Get more semen for intense orgasm. If you are looking for more this is not the product for you. However, if you’ve got the length and all you need is power and endurance like my buddy Vicenzo, then go ahead and buy this product. It is guaranteed to fill her with intense orgasm and loads of cum.

        Click here for Performer5 official website


        The ultimate reason why natural products such as Natural Male Enhancement supplements are introduced to the market is to meet with the demands of countless men who need all-natural products.

        In fact, there are many enhancement and enlargement products in the market today claiming to be all-natural but they cannot seem to prove it in their list of active ingredients.

        natural male enhancementIt is in this purpose that such products are highly in-demand in all parts of the world due to the fact that they help men overcome with their either premature ejaculation and treat erectile dysfunction.

        The most important benefit of using natural male enhancement products is that the ingredients can significantly increase overall well being and promote health.

        In discussing the natural male enhancement, it is necessary to mention benefits as well as the active ingredients that make the male enhancement all-natural. Overall they provide men with the power they need to perform excellently in bed.

        The following active ingredients are used in the most natural male enhancement products.

        • Catuaba Bark
        • This is a male enhancement herb exclusively found in the deep forests of Brazil. The main purpose of this herb is to increase the flow of blood to your penile, thus resulting to having a bigger and larger penis.

          What is amazing about this herb is the fact that it effectively combats impotency, not to mention that this herb has no known side effects. Using this all-natural herb, therefore, is not just safe but also effective in improving the male libido.

        • Rhodiola Rosea
        • This herb comes from the Siberia and primarily used by the natives in healing purposes because of its invigorating properties.

          Though this herb is only available in cooler regions, yet this is very helpful in fighting against stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, depression and other mild psychological problems.

          What makes this all-natural safe for human usage is that it works well in fighting emotional and physical stress. It helps men release unwanted tensions in the body.

        • Cynomorium Songaricum
        • This is a unique herb that grows in the desert. What makes this herb popular is that is helps men increase their sexual stamina.

          This natural male enhancement herb is also used to give strength and power to the skeleton, the back and legs. By using this herb, the man is given enough energy to express himself fully in bed.

        • Muira Puama
        • This male enhancement herb is native of the Amazon jungles and is well-known as an aphrodisiac. It also gives soothing effects to women especially in fighting against menstrual cramps.

          What makes this herb an important element in natural male enhancement products is that it is mainly referred to as the Viagra of the Amazon. True to its Amazonian name, this herb can give men extra energy during sexual activities.

        The only reason why there is a need to use natural male enhancement products (pills, supplements, tablets, creams, oils) is the fact that they are safe and effective. They provide long-lasting effects to men without causing damage to the penis.

        That is why it is always necessary to look for products which are made of all-natural ingredients ONLY to avoid suffering from countless side-effects of supplements which contain harmful ingredients.


        In the today’s world we are bombarded with informative and yet confusing reviews of all male enhancement products (pills, supplements, oils, creams, tools, exercises) all claiming to be the best and only solution to penile enlargement.

        best penis enlargementThese reviews are enough to blow out your mind and purchase what you believe is the best penis enlargement without even thinking. Before you even shell out cash, it might not hurt if you ask yourself: is it really the best thing for your penile?

        With the number of penis enlargement pill brands competing with each other on the market, you have to be extra careful in choosing the right pill. If you a looking for the best penis enlargement product, you need to consider your safety as high priority and therefore you need to look for penis enlargement supplement with all-natural ingredients and with good track record in the market.

        In fact, a penile enlargement pill does not only provide you with a happy size, but an overall sexual happiness including strong erection, intensified orgasm, controlled ejaculation and overall sexual health.

        How to choose the best product?

        There are many ways to know whether this product is the best penis enhancement – for example, you need to read independent customer’s reviews who have tried it. Don’t forget to go through the list of ingredients, look into the credibility of the manufacturer and of course use your own judgment as well.

        To aid you to choose the best product out there, you can use the following criteria:

        • Does it really work?
          In your research, it may be good to consider reading customers’ testimonials and you will surely get valuable information with respect to whether or not the product really works the way it is advertised.

          In fact, the success rate of penis enhancement pills is about 90% and higher. If the pill of your choice has a low passing grade, it may be safe to consider other brands.

        • How it works?
          In all cases, male enhancement products are designed to increase blood flow to the penis, thus enlarging your penis through time—not overnight! In fact, male enhancement product can give permanent growth in length and width. You can usually see results after six to 12 weeks of regular use.
        • What ingredients are?
          For effective results and safety purposes, most enhancement products are made from all-natural ingredients or herbs. They are designed to eliminate side effects so that you can develop the right size for you. In all cases, the ingredients are listed in the packaging for everyone to see and evaluate.

        What is the best penis enlargement product?

        When choosing the enlargement pills, you can always use the above criteria. Don’t forget to consider independent testimonials along with the popularity of the product among its users. There are many popular products in various forms today.

        One of the most popular and the well-known brand nowadays is VigRx Plus. This enhancement pill is considered the best because it sharply answers the criteria just mentioned above. It works effectively and safely because it uses only the natural ingredients like Damiana, Ginko Biloba, Tribulus Terrestris and Bioperine. These all-natural ingredients are clinically proven safe and effective.

        Aside from being safe and effective, VigRx Plus is also known to have a lot of advantages like increasing sex drive, stronger erections and increased stamina. In most VigRx Plus reviews and testimonials, a lot of men are saying that they are satisfied with results of VigRx Plus.

        Despite the fact that this product has a lot of advantages, Vigrx Plus has disadvantages as well – these pills are available online only and there is a risk of overdosing if taken more than what is prescribed.